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Will Rogan— Bonsai

For Moment to Moment, Will was commissioned by Levis Made & Crafted to create a video piece.  As in much of Will's work, time plays an integral role.  He chose to work with his old friend Bob Linder, who is featured in the video trimming a bonsai tree.  The idea of taking time to see the details of the tree is punctuated by the jump cut edits (cuts) that take us further and further into the moment but also serve to remind us that time is continually moving on to the next moment. 

Will Rogan lives and works in Albany, CA.  He is co-founder and co-editor of THE THING Quarterly.  He was the recipient of the SECA award in 2002, is a Rockefeller Media Arts Fellow, and is represented by Altman Siegel Gallery in San Francisco and Laurel Gitlen Gallery in New York.  

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