Joe McKay— Big Time

Press 'get time'

turn in real time
spin fast
12 hour

Before the invention of trains, each town had its own time. BigTime reintroduces local time by calculating your time based on your exact distance from the prime meridian. In the diagram, the red line represents the prime meridian, and the blinking dot is your current location.


Joe McKay is a digital media artist that uses games and interactivity to critically examine the way our culture is consuming and creating current technology. McKay works is several different mediums, including sculpture, performance, video games, video, photo and more.

He received a BFA from NSCAD and a MFA from UC Berkeley. In 2001 McKay participated in the Whitney independent study program. He has an extensive exhibition history, both in New York City and internationally and is currently represented by Pari Nadimi Gallery in Toronto. McKay is a professor of New Media at SUNY Purchase college.

amber beads  glass teapot