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6 August 2013 - 12 August 2013

Oxford Circus Tube Station, London  August 6- August 12

Featured Contributor:  Jon Rubin

For London, we commissioned visual artist Jon Rubin to create a site specific piece.  His project entitled "Oxford Circle" involves a series of photos of a man standing on the Oxford Circus Tube platform.  The photos are inserted into the advertising panels of the Tube Station.   The man, who is being portrayed by Michael Crow, will arrive during rush hour and stand at location close to the signs and wait. He will not get on a train.  The result, when noticed by the busy rush hour commuters, is something that is both jarring and exciting.  Those who notice, are suddenly befuddled by the advertisement and the actual man.  He is both in the advertisement and there waiting for the train.  There is no explanation.  Much like the other projects, it invites the viewer to slow down and take notice of something that is both fully part of their everyday and completely separate.  More on Oxford Circle can be found here:  Oxford Circle

Also Featured in this Edition:  Anthony Discenza, Dave Muller, Starlee Kine, Susan O'Malley and Harrell Fletcher. 

Jon Rubin— Oxford Circle

Jon Rubins contribution to Moment to Moment consists of several photos around the Oxford Circus tube station which depict a man waiting for the train. For 2 hours a day during rush hour the same man will be on the platform, waiting. The work creates an uncanny simultaneity between between the space of advertising and the space of life, what is past and present. In keeping with the theme of Moment to Moment the project creates a moment of contemplation within the chaos and perpetual motion of our daily lives.

More on Jon's Contribution at Oxford Circus can be found in the London Edition

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