Edition: New York

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New York

For New York, we commissioned visual artists Susan O'Malley and Anthony Discenza to create projects specifially for the Bedford and Delancy Street Station.  We also commissioned writer and radio personality Starlee Kine, to create a series of chapters or installments within the Essex Street Station.  The idea in all of this was to create a subtle moment where subway riders might be pulled out of the liminal space (if only for a moment) and consider the details around them.  It should be noted that this edition has been so popular that Anthony Discenza's pieces have been stolen and replaced at least once during the run.  

Anthony Discenza— Advisories

Anthony Discenza is a visual artist based in Oakland. He primarily spends his time thinking and worrying about an extensive variety of subjects. Occasionally, this activity results in the production of tangible objects and situations intended for presentation in different public and semi-public venues for varying lengths of time.

amber beads  glass teapot