As part of Moment to Moment, we felt that it was essential to create a newspaper.  Not only did we want the reader/viewer to experience the time commitment it takes to sit down and leaf through a newspaper, but we also liked the way Newspapers reference time and its passing.  

For this project, THE THING editoral crew brought in Andrew Leland (current managing editor for The Believer Magazine) and Derek Fagerstrom (current managing editor of Allstory).  Our goal was to create a newspaper that would use the conventions of a newspaper without the pretense.  It features the works by all the contributors who appear on this website, plus a bonus section by Ariana Reins and Matt Fishbeck.  

Moment to Moment, the newspaper, can be found where Levi's Made & Crafted is sold and wherever THE THING Quarterly can be found (Printed Matter and Project No. 8 in New York City, Park Life and Little Paper Planes in San Francisco, Family Bookstore in Los Angeles, and Yvon Lombert Librarie in Paris).

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