Susan O'Malley— Mantras for the Urban Dweller

We've been long-time fans of Susan O'Malley's enthusiastic sign-based work that reads more like positive pep-talks. For Moment to Moment, we envisioned these pieces existing in an urban landscape as visual mantras for the urban dweller, something to pull us out of our daily routine and into something larger.  Susan states that the works are "off-kilter, open-ended public service announcements; invitations to pause among the noise, the grit, and the hustle of the city.  The texts open the possibility for a flash of introspection in the hamster-wheel of life; and the words can be repeated, changed, spoken, howled, whispered or interpreted.  In these works I'm suggesting my wish for how things could be: if we paid closer attention to our being, to our grieving, to the way the sun makes a spectacular reflection on the buildings at that certain time of the day.  It has to begin somewhere, why not here?  It's your choice."

Susan O'Malley makes art that connects us to each other.  She has given pep talks in parking lots, asked for advice from strangers, and installed inspirational posters in public – because, as she states,"we are all in this together."  She lives, works, walks, and talks to other people in Berkeley, California.  Susan is represented by Romer Young Gallery in San Francisco.

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